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Facebook Ads Management Perth

How would you like your own team of Facebook marketers who can connect your product or service to your ideal target audience? Flaming Kettle are ready to go, are you?


Facebook has massive audience reach potential. There are 15 million active users in Australia alone. How many of those active users are aware that your business even exists? Public posts on your Facebook business page aren’t enough, you need a team of Facebook marketers ready to launch your business into the eyes of thousands of potential customers.

Flaming Kettle aren’t just any old Facebook marketing agency. We are a specialised small business marketing agency. With the right delivery strategy combined with enticing, eye-catching ad copy we can direct more online traffic to your website and Facebook page, and ultimately generate more quality leads for your business.

With its low cost-per-click average Facebook is the ideal marketing platform for small businesses. If you haven’t already considered Facebook marketing to help grow your business then now might be the time. The longer you delay, that’s just more time your competition is stealing all those customers away from you.

Why Your Business NeedsFacebook Ads

Audience Targeting

There are two billion users on Facebook, so the reach potential is huge. The real advantage with Facebook though is the to capabilities that allow you to to target users down to very precise parameters

Visual Impact

Unlike Google Ads, Facebook offers the opportunity of visual advertising. You can communicate your brand identity, your service or product, and any offers all in one impactful image.

Brand Awareness

If you’re looking to increase awareness and build trust for your business Facebook ads are perfect. People aren’t as likely to make a purchase on their first time seeing your business. Facebook can warm people up to you before you are ready to drive home a sale.


Thanks to Facebook’s incredible data collection abilities you are to target users to your site after they have been on and interacted with it. This is extremely useful for snagging those buyers who came so close to buying and need a little more swaying.

Facebook Ads Management

$ 300 per month
  • Perth-Focused Campaign Setup
  • Keyword Research
  • Dedicated Ads Team
  • Device & Demographic Bidding Adjustments
  • Bidding Adjustments + Optimisation
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Optional* Landing Page Optimisation

Google orFacebook?

Jumping straight into a paid ads campaign can be detrimental to its success. Get some insight into where to start with some advice from Perth's Small Business Heroes.

Ideally, if your budget allows for both a Google & Facebook Ads campaign you should definitely consider both as they can capture different audience groups and deliver more overall leads. Most small businesses, however, don’t have that capacity so if you had to choose one or the other how do you know which will deliver the best results.   

The first thing to consider would be your budget. How much can you afford to spend on a click? Are you able to keep up with the high bids for keywords that are typical of Google Ads? Your average cost-per-click on a Google Ad will vary from industry to industry but many small businesses aren’t willing to take the risk of spending anywhere from five to thirty dollars on a click. Facebook on other hand can range as low as 30 cents a click! But there is one huge difference between Google and Facebook.

People searching on Google are what we call “hot” buyers, they’re searching for your specific service or product and they are ready, if not close, to make a purchase. Facebook on the other hand are usually “cold” to “warm” customers. They may not realise they want your service until they see it. It’s not that they won’t make a purchase, you just need to make them aware they actually want it. So if you can’t afford to wait for more leads, you want them right away and if your website is optimised to convert leads from Google Ads then that’s probably the road to head down.

It is difficult to know what’s best for you. It takes some analysis of your business’s current position in the market, your competition, who your typical audience is, and ultimately are you actually ready to handle more leads. We know it’s hard, that’s why we advise speaking to a professional first. Give us a call today and we’ll do our best to give some insight into your businesses market and what might be the best course of paid advertising for you.

How Can IMake my Facebook CampaignSuccessful?

When undertaking a new advertising campaign with your digital marketing team, there are a few things you can do to ensure success. Trusting your digital marketing team is perhaps the most crucial factor. At Flaming Kettle, we have worked on uncountable Facebook campaigns, and as such have seen the ins and outs of Facebook Ads and their associated pitfalls. With the use of retargeting and a growing database of interested audiences, your Facebook ads will enjoy healthy ROI (return of investment) growth.
Other than trusting your digital marketing experts, is there anything else you can do to help with the success of your ads? Well, allowing the use of some sort of promotional offer and providing a budget that doesn’t strangle your ads are both very helpful. Who doesn’t love a good deal after all? Advertisements that offer something free, or at a reduced price sell much better than ads with no incentive. It’s not always possible to slash costs, so get creative and think about what you can offer to your audience. When it comes to setting a budget, keep in mind that the early life of ads is about building an audience. While this can be scary, allowing a budget that enables this will ultimately give your Facebook Ads the highest chance of success.

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