Gutter Suction Perth

Gutter Suction is a family-owned Perth vacuum gutter cleaning business. They have been operating for over 12 years and gradually building a solid repeat customer base.

In an industry where reliability can be an issue for customers, Gutter Suction has never ceased in its commitment to delivering a highly professional, dependable service.


After operating and working in the business for many years, Bob was ready to step back and let others do all the tiring, manual labour. In order to take on and pay staff and still take home an income, he needed a considerable increase in customers.

That’s when Bob came to us. After evaluating his online presence and the leads he was obtaining from his website, we determined that there was an enormous potential for increasing Gutter Suction’s rankings on Google for their primary keywords. Also, Gutter Suction’s website strongly needed a revamp to help convert the increased traffic we aimed to get.


Gutter Suction’s website was over ten years when Bob came to us. What was needed was a strip-down of the current site. We removed the unnecessary content and replaced it with helpful, relevant content that was also keyword focused. We designed the website to be much more streamlined and easy to navigate to maximise conversions from online traffic.

To help attract more customers, we commenced a low-budget SEO campaign in conjunction with Google Ads. The Google Ads helped drive up enquiries instantly. In conjunction with the improved website layout, that led to a massive increase in Gutter Suction’s visitor-to-lead ratio.


Organic rankings

With a small budget, the SEO campaign was slow but yielded fruitful results. Gutter Suction is now ranking on page 1 for their main keyword "gutter cleaning perth"

Conversion-focused website

Optimising the website to help direct online traffic into leads resulted in a 3x increase in the website conversion rate. Highly valuable when running a paid Google Ads campaign

web traffic

Over the course of 24 months, the SEO campaign led to Gutter Suction's web traffic increasing by an amazing 212%! That's not including the traffic from pay-per-click advertising

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