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good web design showcases your business at its best.
good content is what sells it.

website content writing

Having a beautifully designed website is fantastic, but looks will only get you so far. You need to have purpose-driven, engaging content designed to capture your audience’s attention. Whacking a heading and the bare minimum amount of text isn’t likely to sell your business very well, nor portray it in a professional light.

Most business owners don’t have the time to sit down and write a whole website worth of content. There’s where having a professional content writing service comes in handy. Here at Flaming Kettle, we’ve had plenty of practice creating content with a speciality for SEO-focused content for those intent to rank higher on Google.

think like acustomer

As a business owner, you will naturally perceive your site differently than your customers would. Websites that suffer from a lack of content are usually victims of the biased perspective that the bare minimum amount of information will be adequate. “Customers will call up to find out what they want to know” or “our services speak for themselves”.

This may be true, but for some customers visiting your site for the first time, they might know next to nothing about your business. Customers can be fickle, if they don’t see what they want to know straight away, they may leave before making an effort to contact you. That’s why it’s useful to have a professional content writer to view your site from a customer’s perspective and address the important points listed below.

Your Content Should:

SEO content & Google Rankings

Content doesn’t just serve as information or as a sales pitch for your customers. If you want your website to have a chance at ranking for keywords, you need to let Google know that your site is highly relevant and has value. The most significant factor for that is your content. Google’s algorithm favours keyword optimised, well-written original content.

This also means you need to know what keywords people using to find businesses like yours. That’s precisely what our content writing will involve. We’ll perform keyword research to find out exactly what topics need to address your website’s content to ensure that you attract as much organic traffic as possible.

our content writing package

Flaming Kettle is all about servicing small businesses. We also don’t like to overcomplicate things. That’s why we offer a simple content package designed to meet the needs of small business websites. There are other copywriting services out there, offering all types of content creation, but we focus on what our client needs the most.

We create informative, personalised webpage content that is SEO optimised. Part of this process involves some back-and-forth to better understand your business’s brand and target customer. With some thorough keyword research and ensuring your meta-tags and meta-descriptions are SEO-ready, your website is in the best position to start its SEO journey up Google’s search rankings.

If you’re curious to learn more about SEO please feel free to check out our SEO services page.

SEO Copywriting

$ 220 per page
  • 400 words of copy
  • Keyword research
  • SEO metadata
  • Professional proofreading
  • Two rounds of revision