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The Small Business Heroes

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Finally, a Perth digital agency looking out for small businesses. Let’s grow your business together.

Perth'sSmall BusinessHeroes

Meet your Perth-based digital marketing team who are proud to be the go-to choice for small, locally-owned businesses. At Flaming Kettle, we strive to achieve the absolute best for our clients through our unbeatable value website design, and versatile digital strategies.

Why do we cater primarily to smaller businesses? Simple. We play to our strengths. We can offer more effective digital marketing services for small companies compared with large digital agencies because we better understand small business. But not only that, we are a small business ourselves, and we are passionate about helping other local businesses flourish.

We’re not looking to build up a stack of clients. We’re looking to create strong working-relationships with our customers and be known as the digital marketing team who provide an exceptional and honest service.

What we Could do for Your Business

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Web Design

We're a Perth web design team dedicated to creating fresh user-friendly focused, mobile responsive websites on a budget.


SEO is the powerful force behind Google rankings. Start your journey to the top with our flexible, no lock-in contract SEO services.

Facebook Ads

Enjoy massive audience reach & precise customer targeting at minimal cost. Facebook is the ultimate marketing tool for small business.

Google Ads

Need high quality leads right away? AdWords can be pricey but managed properly they deliver a healthy ROI with fast results.

ProudlySupporting PerthBusinesses

Flaming Kettle is a Perth-based web design and digital studio. We are proud to be a small, independently-owned business. We derive a great deal of satisfaction, knowing that we are helping other local companies to achieve their marketing goals.

Our close-knit team works out of a private studio office in Perth’s north. This office is our base of operations where we handle all aspects of our clients’ campaigns and projects, there’s no outsourcing whatsoever. We can arrange for consultations at our studio office, or, we also offer consultations at a location of your choice. Whether it be your home, place of business or a suitable cafe, it’s about where it is convenient for you.

Whilst other large digital agencies may see having a big office as a great selling point, for us, not having one has actually become one of our best advantages. Our fantastic value for money. No huge lease driving up our overheads means we don’t have to pass on that cost to our clients. This has enabled us to be one of the best value digital marketing and web design services in Perth.

WhySmall Businesses ChooseFlaming Kettle

Small Business Strategists

We understand small business in a way the large agencies don't. We love working with local businesses, plus we know what digital strategies will work best for you.

Unbeatable Value

We have some of the best value web design & marketing services in Perth. This is in part due to having virtually zero overheads, & our commitment to do our best to help small, local businesses.

100% In-house

At Flaming Kettle, we handle & oversee every project, campaign & consultation ourselves. Our studio is located in Perth, and that’s where every aspect of the work is carried out. Zero outsourcing.

Your Success is Our Success

It sounds cliched, but it’s true. If we don’t deliver the results you want to see, then we lose you as a client & that’s something we cannot have against our reputation.


We never try and cloud the water with jargon talk or 10-page reports. Open, honest communication builds trust, which is essential to successful marketer-client working relationships.

Do I NeedOnline Marketing?

There has been a rapid evolution of the marketing landscape over the last two decades. The rise in online platforms and smart devices has seen the influence of traditional media be heavily diluted. Whilst conventional advertising still has a significant role in the success of a business in 2020, and beyond, there has been a momentous shift towards digital advertising.

This information may come as little surprise to most people, but what does it actually mean for you? If you are a small business owner then, fortunately, it actually works to your advantage. Digital marketing is a much more cost-effective form of marketing compared to traditional mediums. It has allowed smaller businesses to narrow the gap on their larger competitors.

With a strategically targeted digital advertising campaign, you potentially have a great opportunity to see a much higher ROI on your marketing spend. Never before have small businesses been able to reach such a broad audience for such a relatively little amount of expenditure.

A Few Stats Not to be Ignored

89 %

of the Australian population are internet users, over 22 million people! 93% of these are every day users.

57 %

of all Google search traffic in Australia comes from mobile devices. Is your site optimised for mobile?


million Australians are active users on Facebook, with 1 in 2 Australians logging on everyday.

$ 7

is the average cost to reach 1000 viewers with Facebook Ads. The average cost of an ad in a local newspaper is $600-$3500.

Creatingthe Right StrategyFor You

Have you attempted to market your business? Knowing where to begin with, online marketing can be a little overwhelming. There are marketing agencies out there offering over a dozen different services, so where do you start? Will you benefit from content marketing, or email marketing, or advertising on LinkedIn? How do you know what’s best for your business?

At Flaming Kettle, we mainly focus on smaller businesses, so we have to make sure our clients are getting the absolute most from their marketing budget. We provide what we like to think of as the four pillars of digital marketing; SEOGoogle AdWordsFacebook Advertising, and impactful web design.

Together we can figure out what approach is best for you based on your budget, your niche, and your position in the market. We love to talk about all things digital so call us today for some free advice.

Is Online Marketing Viable for my Business?

Big agencies price their services high mainly for two reasons:

  • their typical clients are large companies with large budgets
  • agencies have large overheads they need to cover

So, is digital marketing just for large companies with deep pockets? Not at all. 

Flaming Kettle was born after we recognised the lack of Perth digital agencies that catered to small business and start-ups. Our typical client doesn’t have a huge marketing budget. They can’t afford to spend $10,000 on their first website, or even $2000.

We’re proud to be Perth’s small business heroes. We do our absolute best to work with whatever budget we’re given, and we are specialists at getting the most return from small budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where's the first place to start marketing my business online?

The very first step is creating a website. If you want your business to be taken seriously then you can’t just rely on a Facebook page. A modern, fresh site legitimises your business in the eyes of the customer. 

Do you work with businesses outside of WA?

If your business is outside of WA then we’re sorry but we’re aren’t able to provide our services to you. We work only with local businesses because we feel that’s the only way to give our best results.  

Can you really work with any budget?

We try our best to be Perth’s small business heroes. That means we need to be flexible and work with smaller budgets. 

Do you have an office I can visit for consultations?

We work out of a small private studio office in Perth’s North, where we do provide consultations by bookings. Other than that we offer consultations at a location of your choice.

Can I build my own website and do my own online marketing?

Absolutely. Even if it means losing potential customers we love helping out local businesses who want to try their hand at a bit of DIY web design and marketing. You’ll need to be prepared to put in a lot of time, and if you’re building your own website you need to know the best tools. Give us a call and ask any questions you have and we’ll do our best to help.

What's the best Perth web design & digital agency for me?

Choosing the right digital marketing provider for you is extremely important. The success of your business could potentially heavily way on who you choose. Our number one piece of advice is to stay local. Choosing an out of state company or one based overseas can potentially come with many pitfalls. Other than that you need to find a team who you feel will be represent your business and can meet you needs.

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