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Looking for a marketing team to generate your business more leads with Google Ads and not just burn through your budget?

High Quality Leads.Today.

Need more leads today? Google AdWords may be your answer. Not only can you potentially attract leads mere minutes after your campaign is live but with Google Ads you only pay for results, that being customers landing on your webpage. This quick access to leads, coupled with a tried and tested AdWords strategy, allows you access to an open well of qualified traffic. All within the budget you set. 

Many businesses have tried and failed at creating an affordable and effective Google Ads campaign. Understandable, as there are numerous pitfalls. At Flaming Kettle we pride ourselves on creating effective Google Ads campaigns that maximise your budget. We make this possible by using a few key techniques: Extensive keyword research, creative ad copy, optimised bidding and variable (adaptive) ad testing. Call us today to see if Google Ads are viable for your business.

Why Your Business NeedsGoogle Ads

Instant Leads

Google Ads are ideal if you're ready to land more leads on your website today. What's more, these leads are red-hot & looking to purchase.

Controlled Budget

With AdWords you choose the amount you spend. This means you'll never go over your predetermined budget. You're in full control.

healthy ROI

AdWords can deliver not only viable, but healthy returns on investment. They just needs proper preparation & management.

Audience Targeting

Google Ads gives great insight the type of people interested in your ads. This allows for fine-tuning of campaigns to enable an even better ROI.

Our Monthly Package

$ 300 per month
  • Perth-Focused Campaign Setup
  • Keyword Research
  • Dedicated Ads Team
  • Device & Demographic Bidding Adjustments
  • Bidding Adjustments + Optimisation
  • Ad Extensions Optimisation
  • Text Ad Copywriting
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Optional* Landing Page Optimisation

What areAdWords?

Google Ads (also known as AdWords) are exactly what they sound like. They are paid advertising that display on Google’s search engine results. You would’ve seen theme many, many times before, many people don’t even realise they’re separate from the organic results. They are found above and below the organic search results, usually grouped in 3-4 separate ads with the “Ad” disclaimer before them. These ads are based on pay-per-click (PPC) model. Essentially enter a bid to place ads based on keywords of your choosing on Google’s search results, and then are charged for each click on these ads. The cost of ads are variable between your relevant keywords, and the competitive nature of each industry.

With Google receiving approximately 3.5 billion search requests worldwide every day, and 94.7% of Australians using this as their preferred search engine, it’s no wonder Perth business owners find Google Ads both enticing and intimidating. A DIY ads campaign could potentially burn through your budget faster than toilet paper purchasing during a pandemic. Unfortunately this can leave business owners with a sour taste in their mouths afterwards, giving AdWords a undeserved, bad rep. With an experienced team like Flaming Kettle, however, and a cleverly devised ads strategy your business could greatly benefit from a high ROI Google Ads campaign.

Are Google AdsRight for you?

The honest answer may well be no. It’s really dependant on a few main factors. The competitiveness nature of the industry that your business is in, the budget that your business can afford, and your expectations from Google AdWords. As an outcome-based digital marketing business, at Flaming Kettle we like to examine the whole picture before taking on a client. For example, if you came to us for Google Ads but we found that your landing pages weren’t optimised for converting leads then we would suggest tacking this issue prior to any AdWords campaigns.

If your business is the right fit Google Ads can make a huge difference to your lead generation capabilities. According to the Google Economic Impact Report “businesses generate an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they invest in Google Ads.”. Now this may sound like an expensive way of earning leads, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but it really depends how you look at it. When compared to organic lead generation avenues, such as from search engines and word of mouth, it is a more expensive way to get clients. Take into account, however, that these organic methods are slow burners, and that you may need this traffic today. If yo do then by not engaging Google Ads you will miss out on all of these potential customers, and in the long run this may stunt the growth of your business.